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Newest Wooden Style Waterproof Baseboard Wall Panels

PVC Wall panels, PVC Integrated Wall Ppanels, also known as wood-plastic wall panels, bamboo fiber wall panels

Insulation, moisture, fire, super hardness, waterproof, moisture, low carbon environmental protection, corrosion and durable, easy installation, easy to scrub without deformation. save space

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    Hualun Guanse
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    Foshan Guangdong China
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Product Detail

Products Name:Newest Wooden Style Waterproof Baseboard Wall Panels 


Hualun Guanse Decorative Materials Factory is set research and development, production and sales as one of the professional interior decoration materials manufacturer. Traditional products PS foam mirror frame sold nationwide and regional. 2016 launched a new product: "Guanse" card "PVC Wall Panels". Integrated fast wall with fire retardant, waterproof moisture, construction is simple, that is, that is, easy to stay, easy to clean and so on. Is wallpaper. Paint and other old decorative materials, the ideal replacement products.

1.Environmental friendly;

1.Fireproof, waterproof, environmental friendly;

2.Easy setting and cleaning,not easily deformed;

3.High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging;

4.OEM/ODM is acceptable.


1.Household ornament: Wall and ceiling of indent independent house bathroom or kitchen;
2.Public and management place: Toilet of building and hall;
3.Common office: Ceiling of business place;
4.Hotel, business office, hospital, school, cooking room, washing room and etc.  indoor decoration.


Type: Ceiling Tiles 
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: Hualun Guanse 
Model Number: MQ05001
Function: Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Soundproof, Waterproof 
Feature: Artistic Ceilings, Integrated Ceilings, Perforated Ceilings, Environmental,Easy setting and cleaning ,High intensity Ceiling 
Tile Shape: Rectangle Ceiling 
Tile Type: PVC corner decorative mouldings
Product name: PVC Wall corner deco mouldings
Moulding Material: Environmental  PVC 
Surface: Laminated Usage: Interior wall Decoration 
Materials Application: For Ceiling, Walll and Door Decoration 
Thickness: 1-12mm
Free Sample: Free Sample is available
Design: 30designs, Customers designs is available
Color: Marble, Oak, black, blue, yellow, green etc or Customers requires

PVC decorative lines

1. Material: PVC foam lines
2. Specifications: General specifications 3 m / article, non-stock product arrangements according to customer requirements Size custom, custom length Specifications range: 2-6 m
3. Advantages: low-carbon environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, no deformation, variety, color and diverse. Installation is simple, home improvement tooling are suitable, stylish and generous.
4. I plant machinery can produce the maximum width: line is 20CM, sheet is 30CM
5. Variety: more than 400 kinds, more than 1,000 kinds of colors, a large amount of style and color can be customized according to customer requirements.
6. Delivery: cash now knot, all money to delivery.
7. Packing: double corrugated boxes, each containing EPE wrap, to ensure that will not scratch.
8. Quality inspection: all the factory inspection, the quality of qualified to the factory.
9. Transportation: domestic customers default mode of transport for road freight. Guests to the freight yard delivery if I find the Secretary for product packaging is damaged, please suspend delivery. By the Division I with the freight yard coordination of compensation matters. If not because of my company's product quality problems, customer pick-up after the damage caused, I am all irresponsible.
10. Shipping time: Each 20-foot small cabinet 25-30 days, each 40-foot high counter 30-35 days.
11. Minimum order quantity: If the inventory, one from the delivery. Non-stocked and not on-line production plan, a minimum of 10 pieces.
12. Loading: a small 20-foot cabinet 250, a 40-foot high cabinet 620
13. Deposit: non-stock products to production, the deposit amount of not less than 30% of the total amount of money.

PVC quick-loading plate

1. There are 24 kinds, among which there are 18 kinds of PVC lines and 6 kinds of plates. There are 300mm, 450mm and 600mm in the plate. There are 2 kinds of V-seam and flat seam inside the plate. Please distinguish them carefully.
2. Material: bamboo fiber
3. Fire rating: B1
4. Sound insulation index: 29 (dB)
5. Our product weight standard 3 meters:
??? 300 mm: 4.5 kg / tablet; 450 mm: 7.5 kg / tablet; 600 mm: 10.5 kg / tablet
6. Production process: high temperature coating
7. Use: dado, backdrop, ceiling, the overall wall has been all kinds of furniture
8. Standard requirements: in line with QB / T2133-1955 standards
9. Advantages: fast, heat, noise, fire-retardant. Green, beautiful and durable, efficient and fast.

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