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1.PVC integrated wallboard in the English name?
A: Chinese name: PVC integrated wall panels, also known as wood-plastic wall panels, bamboo fiber wall panels
English name: PVC wall panel or: Wood-Plastic Composites, abbreviated as WPC.
HS CODE: 3925900000

2. What are the varieties and specifications of your factory PVC?
A: At present, I plant PVC products are divided into PVC lines, sheet metal. Plate size of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm three; plate which is divided into V seam and flat seam 2, please carefully distinguish.

3. Can you provide samples and illustrations for reference?
A: Our company will provide a set of samples according to the sample inventory free of charge, the default freight to pay. If you want to set more samples, according to the sample every 50 yuan, 30 yuan each color card price. If the customer orders, the sample fee deducted directly from the purchase price.

4. What is the material of this product?
A: PVC plastic powder by adding bamboo fiber and other ingredients made of high temperature foaming, PVC ingredients accounted for more than 50%. PVC powder: calcium powder 1: 1, the actual PVC powder 30%.

5. How does this product fireproof sound? Are you meeting environmental standards?
A: Our products by the National Building Materials Testing Center identified fire rating to B1 level standards; environmental protection in line with QB / T2133-1955 standards, while products through the SGS certification. An important reason for the popularity of the wallboard is that it has a prominent environmental function, can be recycled, almost no harmful substances and toxic gases, the relevant departments of detection, the formaldehyde release only 0.3mg / L, greatly Lower than the national standard (national standard is 1.5mg / L), pollution-free, pollution-free, and has a sound-absorbing energy-saving features, sound insulation index of 29 dB (dB);

6. What is the specification of this product?
A: Our product standard length of 3 meters, the other length can be customized according to customer requirements.
Weight standards are as follows (generally do not take the initiative with the customer)
300mm: 4.5kg / piece; 450mm: 7.5kg / piece; 600mm: 10.5kg / piece

7. Will the surface of the color is how to do it?
A: The surface color of the product production process for PVC special glue coating. The thickness of the film is 14 wires.

8. Where is this product used?
A: The use of: wall skirt, backdrop, ceiling, the overall wall and all kinds of furniture and so on.

9. What are the advantages of this product?
A: 1) can be sawed, can be nailed, can be shaved, without the need for paint, that is loaded, the general carpentry can be very light to install, light and efficient, beautiful and durable, easy to clean and maintain;
2) heat, noise, flame retardant;
3) green, resistant to friction, corrosion resistance, zero emissions of formaldehyde
4) strength, light weight, flame retardant, moisture, corrosion, moth, anti-aging.
5) after the decoration of non-toxic no smell, can immediately stay, is the real green products. Applicable to the room, hotels, entertainment venues, offices, shopping malls and any other environment. In 2008, bamboo fiber in the Beijing Olympic Games (bamboo fiber roof) debut, and then in the Shanghai World Expo (China Pavilion bamboo fiber platform), the Guangzhou Asian Games and other large public Activities frequently appear.

10. what is called bamboo fiber wall panels?
A: bamboo fiber is sawdust, wood chips, bamboo and other low-plant biomass fiber-based raw materials, the use of polymer interface
Learning principle and the characteristics of plastic filling modification, the entire production process does not contain any glue composition, completely avoid the material due to formaldehyde release, put on the human body harm (in simple terms, is to take bamboo fiber as the main material, high temperature State extrusion molding of integrated sheet)

11. What is your product series?
A: Bamboo fiber integrated wall with marble series, wood grain series and wallpaper series, through the appearance of the shape, surface and pattern of color processing to the interior furnishings to provide more human choice, creating a good visual effect.

12. What are the advantages of your product?
New material, fire B1, without heavy metals

13. How much does the order quantity require?
Whole shipment.

14. How many buckle is used?
A 3 m plate using 3-4 buckle, buckle price for each 0.3 yuan.

Bamboo fiber is sawdust, wood chips, bamboo and other low-plant biomass fiber-based raw materials, the use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filling
Modified the characteristics of the entire production process does not contain any glue composition, completely avoid the material due to formaldehyde release caused by the human body
harm. But also because of the dual nature of both wood and plastic, to abandon the wood and plastic defects, in many areas to replace logs, plastic and
Aluminum and other use, the market application prospects are wide

4 machines, generally open 2 units
2 sets of machine
20,000 sheets per month, 30cm
With cold glue
1. software, to collect design costs
2. Installation instructions
Bamboo fiber: bamboo powder, wood flour, stone powder (fire)), PVC powder
Factory clean and tidy, one of the selling points, service
Stone plastic: ingredients almost, can not bend, fire good, plus stone powder, outdoor life is short, curing agent plus more, 3 to 5 years of oxidation
UV board: PVC + stone powder, thermal transfer, UV


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