WPC/PVC Wall Panel Basic instruction and Advantages 2017-07-20 17:14:15
Basic instructions
Raw materials: more than 10 kinds ,  the natural activated carbon, natural bamboo powder, wood flour, calcium carbonate, polymer resins, PVC Is an integral component of the integrated wall.

Product variety: 300,450,600 of the seamless, flat-seam flat, products dozens of styles, thousands of models can be coated colors selected.

Style: top line, sideline, wall panels, waist line, decorative line, baseboard, angle line.

1. Insulation, heat insulation
indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees

2. Sound insulation
The noise of the real effect can be as high as 29db

3. Fire prevention
By the national authority of the fire department to reach B1 level

4. Super hardness

composite environmental protection materials, enhance the hardness strength, impact resistance, friction, not afraid of scratching

5. Waterproof, moisture
Good moisture resistance,not seepage watertight

6. Low-carbon environmental protection
environmentally friendly materials, no paint components, completely bid farewell to formaldehyde, zero carbon zero emissions.

7. Convenient installation
In the design of the use of traditional Kouban installation, can be assembled directly, rough housing directly assembled, step in place, the installation is no longer tedious, so you are not too long for the decoration cycle and trouble.

8. easy to scrub without distortion
foreign technology, beautiful and easy to clean, can be directly scrubbing cloth, no blistering, deformation, aging, easy to get tedious life.

9. Anticorrosive and durable
High strength, good toughness, light weight earthquake, no deformation, not aging, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, a decoration, life-long benefit.

10. Save space
5-10 cm of space to save space.

Application:  integrated wall has good insulation, sound insulation, easy installation, easy to scrub and so on, so widely used in bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, TV background, tooling hotel, lounge , Entertainment venues, offices, halls, etc. can be installed, is a new era of choice for decoration.

Installation: only in the wall set the first board, the second block to 45 degrees tilt insert, press the flat nail buckle can be, the same seam and never fall off

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